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Supercharging Your Website and Web Presence Workshop

Join Hepp at this one-of-kind Online Funeral Technology Event!

  • Bring an Additional Staff Member (or Friend) for 50% off
  • Bring your Laptop or Tablet and Implement some Strategies right on the spot

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Presented by Funeral Futurist, Robin Heppell, CFSP

September 9 – 11, 2013 – Marriott’s Residence Inn Cleveland Downtown


For the first time live, Heppell unveils his complete system for supercharging funeral home websites to double your website traffic, increase the engagement on your website with your community, add additional sales to your bottom line with ecommerce, maximize top of mind awareness online for your brand, protect your online reputation, plus he will share his strategies for turning your Google AdWords Campaigns into the most efficient and effective advertising channel you have!

Discover the Step by Step process Heppell uses to take your funeral home website & Web Presence to Maximum Effectiveness.

The result will be that you will have the knowledge, skills and the step by step instructions to Increase Your Google Rankings, Get More Traffic To Your Website, Sell Additional Products From Your Website and Increase Your Brand and Status Online!

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Click image to download the Workshop Brochure

After Attending This Live, 3 Day Event, you will…

  • Be able to increase the volume of traffic to your funeral home website without any additional expense
  • Learn how to use the free tools that Google has available to give you greater insights into your web presence
  • Discover how to maximize the engagement of your tribute videos which will also drive more traffic to your website and give you an unfair advantage on YouTube
  • Learn about the ins and outs of e-commerce stores for funeral homes including selling flowers, cremation jewelry, and even Cremation packages
  • Be able to implement a social media strategy for your funeral home that gets the maximum results with the minimum amount of effort
  • Discover what are the most relevant factors for ranking high in Google with the latest best practices of search engine optimization [SEO]
  • Learn the basics about advertising your funeral home online with Google AdWords, banner ads and remarketing, plus how to effectively track your online advertising
  • Start to fortify your funeral home’s online reputation so that you can foster more positive reviews and be prepared if you get any negative ones

  “Plus you will learn about some advanced strategies such as mobile responsive websites, how to put pricing on your website, creating landing pages for higher engagement of your prospects, and even for the “most advanced,” funeral home radio”

Attendees will also receive…

  • Funeral Futurist Online Marketing Playbook (written specifically for funeral homes on how to leverage the Internet to your advantage)
  • Funeral Futurist Worksheets (to ensure that you and your staff follow all of the necessary steps to take full advantage of these strategies)
  • Funeral Futurist Checklists (to review any of your online marketing and promotional efforts and make sure that you’re not missing any important “call-winning” elements) 
  • Funeral Futurist Turnkey Online Review Generator System (to showcase positive comments from your client families) Funeral Futurist Social Media Formula (to make sure that your social media activities are as effective as possible with the minimum effort invested)

“100% Pure Content – No Sales Pitches”

I received a phone call from a funeral home owner asking about the Workshop. His main concern was… Is this event going to be just a big sales pitch for services that I offer like so many other funeral conferences!

I responded – Absolutely Not! It’s going to be all content.
But better than me just saying that, see what people said about my last conference…


Sean Douglass, El Segundo, California
Rob's presented everything in an easily implementable manner that I can take home and put together easily. I really expected it to be a hard sales pitch and something that I could only do with Rob's help, and no, Rob's given every secret away, that I can take home and utilize it from scratch. He has been tremendous. Rob obviously knows his marketing and knows his advertising.


Kurt Soffe, South Jordan, Utah
I’ve really enjoyed Rob’s conference. Going to one of his conferences is like taking a drink from the fire hose. He provides you with so much great information that I’m looking forward to getting back to our firm to hopefully improve what we do for our families. … I’ll tell you, just to realize the power that the Internet has. I know we have three faces to our families, one is obviously face-to-face, second is our phones, but third is our website. Rob has taken that level of awareness to a new height for me.
Supercharging Your Website and Web Presence Workshop – Program Outline

Double Your Funeral Home Website Traffic

  • Timeline of the Online Obituary
  • 3 Step Obituary Promotion
  • Is Your Obit Viral Ready
  • The Power of RSS for Obits
  • How to Make Your Obit Google Friendly

Making Use of Google’s Essential Tools

  • Google Tool Overview
  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Tracking URLs
  • Google Virtual Tours

Maximum Engagement for Video Tributes

  • The Video Tribute System
  • The Importance of Royalty Free Music
  • Using YouTube without Looking Too Promotional
  • Using Memorial Folders and QR Codes to Increase Views

Open For Business: Ins and Outs of Ecommerce Stores for Funeral Homes

  • What items can a funeral home sell in an online store
  • What are the components of an online store
  • What options are available to you
  • Selling funeral & cremation services online

Do’s and Don’ts of Automation of Social Media for Funeral Homes

  • Initial set up of Social Media automation
  • Creating a system for your Social Media activities
  • What tasks are better to be done manually
  • Review of tools that I use: Feedblitz & Hootsuite
Supercharging Your Website’s SEO
  • Best Practices for Titles & Descriptions
  • The importance of site speed for Google rankings
  • Metrics to look for in Google Analytics
  • Tools to use to for checking out your competitors
  • *SEO Plugins we use for enhanced SEO

Getting Started With Online Advertising

  • Google AdWords (Search Network) 101
  • The Benefit of Google Remarketing (Display Network)
  • Banner Ads on other websites
  • Tracking the effectiveness of your Online Advertising

Fortifying Your Funeral Home’s Online Reputation

  • What to do if you get a negative online review
  • How to foster positive reviews
  • Bolster Social Media profiles to build a stronger base
  • 4 press releases per year strategy

Advanced Online Strategies for the Savvy

  • Mobile Responsive vs Mobile Versions
  • How to put pricing on your website
  • Creating landing pages for higher engagement of prospects
  • Funeral Home Radio – Exponential Community Engagement

Round Table Discussions, Tips from the Field & Q & A Sessions

  • Each day will end with the opportunity for attendees to put some of these strategies into action (WiFi provided
  • Attendees can also share their successes on the various topics
  • Q & A period to ensure that no questions go unanswered

Here is what some past attendees have said about Heppell’s seminars…

Anne Geib, New Philadelphia, Ohio
Rob's done an excellent job of not only telling about very technical details but providing overview, how it can fit into your entire marketing plan. We're learning why you do things, how to measure them, and how it's going to benefit your company, which I think has been exceptional for me. Not only has he given us very specifics, but he's allowed your mind to wander and to figure out how it fits into your organization. It's been incredibly helpful.


Ross DeJohn, Willowby Hills, Ohio
The seminar has been tremendous. What I expected I think was a lot of ideas and thoughts, but what Rob is excellent at is putting it into play. So many of these seminars you go to it seems like everyone's got these great ideas, but then they leave you to go home and your head is so filled with these ideas and excitement but you don't know how to get started. Rob does an excellent job at putting everything so simple. Just like the name of the seminar. It's a blueprint. All we have to do is go back and execute.

The registration fee is $899
(Bring Co-worker or Colleague for 50% off)

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My 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

I want to remove any risk on your part by offering you my 100%, no-questions asked, still-friends, money-back Guarantee! If, after attending the conference, you don’t take home strategies or ideas that you can implement immediately, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, I’ll refund your entire registration fee.

Listen to what the attendees of my last event had to say…

If you attend this workshop, you can expect the same level of content and the same access to all of my resources. See you in Cleveland!

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Have Questions? Email me at [email protected] or call 800-810-3595.


NOTE: This is a private workshop for Funeral Home owners, managers and staff only. The content covered in this program is not applicable for cemeterians, suppliers or consultants.
(I’m sorry, but I don’t want anyone to be disappointed that the program wasn’t applicable to their operations.)

Academy Approved SealAttention CFSPs – Academy Approved for 19.5 hours

Supercharging Your Website and Web Presence Workshop has been approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice for 19.5 hours for all Certified Funeral Service Practitioners.